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With portraits, my goal is to create expressive paintings that capture a sense of personality through likeness and gesture.  A portrait can emphasize the individual with a classic simple background,  or can be enhanced with the inclusion of a setting that is personally meaningful.   I work from  life and from photographs that I take myself, although I will occasionally work from existing photographs if there are special circumstances or if it is for a posthumous portrait.

At the initial meeting,  we spend time together so I can get a sense of  the subject's personality and characteristic gestures, and their overall goals for the portrait.  We also discuss the size of the painting, where it will hang (if known), the general composition, setting (classic/indoor/outdoor), and other considerations such as clothing strategies.  


A photo session is then scheduled where I will take a series of photographs exploring different poses, compositions and lighting.  I will take these back to the studio for review, and then together we select the pose and composition to be used for the painting.  Sometimes multiple photographs will be combined in the final composition-- the position of the body from one, the facial expression from another, the background from yet a third.   


The creation of the work takes a minimum of 8 weeks.  




Prices for commissioned portraiture area as follows:  





PORTRAIT PRICING, updated 2023


               Head Study                     11x14                   $1,500                   


Head and Torso             16x20                 $3,200 


                                           18x24                  $4,500    


Head and Hands            24x30                $7,200   


                                       30x40               $10,000


Full Figure                   36x48               $14,400

                    *  Prices are per figure in each painting


                    *  Pet portraits:  50% discount off listed prices



                    *  A non-refundable 1/3 deposit is required at the start of the process; the remainder is payable upon completion and approval.

                    *   Portraits are scheduled once contracts are signed and a deposit is received.   

                    *  Travel expenses incurred by the artist are in addition to the above stated prices, as are shipping fees.

                    *  Framing is available, for an additional charge, from the artist or the framing company of your choice.

                    *  I look forward to working with you!


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